Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Italy?

Why not Iraq, Iran, China, Africa, or hundreds of other countries??

Well, #1, because God told us to go to Italy. But, for those of you who like statistics to make a "rational" decisions, here are some facts that may interest you:

(from "Operation World" by Patrick Johnstone)

Here are the numbers of evangelical (protestant) Christians around the world. Please keep in mind that the term "unreached" refers to populations of less than 2-5%...

Solomon Islands 73%
Namibia 67.9%
United States 51.3%
Zaire 36%
Romania 8%
China 5.1%
Pakistan 1.06%
Saudi Arabia 1%
Italy 0.82%
Laos 0.72%
Iran and Iraq 0.6% (combined)

It is quite interesting/sad that there are almost as many Christians (evangelical-bible teaching) in Iran and Iraq than all of Italy! That was a statistic that floored me.

Our trip to Italy was eye opening. We traveled from Rome, to Verona by train (with stops at Ciampoino, Santa Maria Delle Mole, Ancona, Rovigio, Bologna, Lama, and Milano). We witnessed such a beautiful country with many dark secrets. Homelessness was evident, as was drug use, idolatry, and prostitution.

We heard God speaking to us very clearly, and will let you know where we will be serving in just a few weeks.

Please continue to hold our family in your prayers.