Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Expectations...

In just a few days we will find out what God has in store for the rest of our lives!!

We leave for LAUNCH with Team Expansion at the end of the week.

We will spend our first day visiting with a church that partners with Team Expansion for the Italian missionaries. The first night we will spend in a hotel, letting the kids have a fun evening of swimming and "vacation".

Then we start, full throttle with Team Expansion's training on Monday...

We hope that by the end of the two weeks: we are accepted, we will find out a time-line, and a plan for our family for the next couple of years...

We could sure use your prayers over the next couple of weeks.

If you are "into" facebook, you can look up "Mission Amore Team" and request to join that group. It will be updated as often as I can over the next couple of weeks to keep people informed of prayer requests and such.

I will update this blog when we return, mid-May.

Prayer Requests for the next couple of weeks:
Safety in traveling, including car behaving
No sickness during this time
Hospitality to our host family (who are generously allowing us to stay with them next week)
Partnering with Team Expansion
Open doors to Italy
Perfect will (God's)
Kids having fun
That our old brains can handle the "schooling" and information
Perfect peace
Safety and health of our animals at home...and for their caretakers

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

April Showers...

are supposed to bring May flowers. At least, that's how the saying goes.

So far, April has been pretty dry here in Kentucky...except for my eyes.

We've watched our horses leave our farm in trailers. We've lost almost all of our dogs/cats, due to old age.

Lots and lots to cry about...

God's promises us that he will dry our tears, not that we won't shed them!

However, there are the flowers popping up everywhere. All of the horses have great new families who will love them. Larry and Mr. P have been donated to Team Expansion, where they will become friends with missionary kids across the world...including my own (someday).

We are down to the one cat and dog that will be traveling with us, when we enter the mission's field.

We will be heading to Team Expansion in three weeks to find out what our future holds (hopefully service in Italy).

Until then, we wait. While we are waiting, we are taking lots of time to smell the flowers.

Prayer Requests:
+God's will and placement in our mission field
+Quick sale of our farm in Kentucky
+Schooling completion for Tom and Brooke in 2011
+Homeschooling for Clara (she has been in public school to this point)
+Partnering with the right team, abroad and here in America