Thursday, August 20, 2009

God is...

A song keeps ringing through my head this week, and it goes something like this: "God is... the strength of my heart, and my portion forever."

This week has been a busy one as far as our "official" application process with our sender. Email addresses and/or phone numbers haven't worked, and we've had to track down Tom's old supervisor. The devil is trying, unsuccessfully, to get us distracted.

As most know, Tom was laid off in February (which, of course, was part of God's plan), along with all but a handful of workers. He had no contact with any of his supervisors, his employer, etc. His former company is going bankrupt financially, while they've been bankrupt spiritually for a LONG time.

Our missionary sending "company" needed a reference from either a former supervisor, or a teacher. Well, he doesn't start school for another week, so teacher would be out. So, he tried to get ahold of his supervisor. Calls to the company went un-returned. Calls to the sup.s house were unsuccessful, as all of the numbers had been disconnected. So, we were stuck not knowing what to do next.

BUT GOD IS IN CONTROL ALWAYS, and my portion forever.

Tom went to pick Brooke up from school. Who was in the parking lot? Tom's supervisor, whom he had not seen since his last day at work, over 6 months ago!! So, after a nice conversation, we now have all of the information, and he is excited to give Tom his reference.

So, why in the world were we stressing, even just a little bit?? Why in the world are WE trying to get all of this fixed ourselves? Because, the key is in the first part of the question! We are still trying to live IN THE WORLD, not in God!! Even as far as we've come in our faith, WE are still trying...and not relying on GOD'S DOING!! How many times do we need to get this straight? 7X? or 7 X 7X?? or even 777X777X???

We keep running through the list of things to do, before we leave. I know that it is a while in the future still, but I have a LOT of stuff to get done. House to sell, horses to find homes, 30 years of STUFF to go through, and this is just the physical stuff. We still have a ton of legal work to do (and spiritual). We have an entire garage full of STUFF to find a place for. Most will go to the Goodwill, but I still have to go through it. We even have some boxes that we've never even unpacked from when we first moved here, over 10 years ago. Goes to show you how important it all

I'm just going to keep singing, and keep praying, and keep on keeping on...because "God IS"!

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  1. It is amazing how little all of those things matter when God is in First Place! Carnal and Worldly things are just dust!!!
    Continue on and keep fighting that ole Devil!