Friday, October 23, 2009

Judge Not...

Another meeting with our home church! An "adjustable" timeline has been set with them. We won't know more definite dates until after March, but it looks like departing late summer of 2011 is on paper! Over the next 20 months, we have some online theology classes, some traveling with other classes (Louisville, KY and Colorado); and at least three different short term "out of country trips" (two to Italy; and one, elsewhere).

I started the LONG process of apartment hunting. We are in a catch 22...if we put our farm on the market, and it sells fast, we are homeless. However, if we wait to put the farm on the market, and it takes a while to sell, we will have to remain here (in the US) until it is sold. UGH!! So, we are making a tough decision of WHEN! It looks like, right now, we may put the farm on the market in the Spring. If it sells slow then we will have over a year to contend with the realtor. However, if it sells right away (and it just might with the deal we're giving) we will need to move to an apartment.

Another perk in apartments, is that when we have to do all of this traveling, then there are no "at home" obligations (animals/mowing/house watching). Although I can move all of the horses/animals and place them in homes, so that there won't be feeding during this time, there are still all of the other obligations above. I can also place Clara in a better middle school, because the one Brooke attended was AWFUL. Of course, we have to find an apartment with 3 bedrooms and pet friendly, which seems to be a chore. And the prices! Whew!! Oh well, it's preparing me for the high costs we will experience, should we go to Italy (the Euro is 1 1/2 X of the US Dollar currently).

On another note: I had a good friend (who just returned from the mission field) ask me "Are you prepared to be homeless and illiterate?" WOW, I hadn't thought of that. I am going to be homeless AND illiterate in Italy!

How many times have I stood in a line at WalMart behind a foreigner and thought "If you are in our country, shouldn't you know our language?"! I've even gotten aggravated standing there, as the cashier politely explains something very slowly to the foreign customer. How many times have we said, "If you don't like America, then go back home (to your own country)."

"Judge not, lest ye be judged likewise" OOPS!! A lesson is about to be learned! I will be the foreigner trying to figure out how much money (converting Euros in my head) that shirt will cost, and if I can get it in blue (azzurro), and what about the sizing (who measures in centimeters anyway??). EGADS!

Please pray for us over the next 6 months: timing is the key to everything in your prayers for us. God's timing, of course. And patience....lots and lots of patience :)


  1. We will/are praying for the Adams family!!!

  2. we'll be praying for you!! i'm SO excited for you and this adventure that God's leading you through!! : ) i'm just so excited for you guys! did i mention that?!?!? i can't wait for you guys to go to MTI in colorado! (assuming that's where you're going) i had such a blast and met a GREAT group of missionaries there and still stay in touch with most of them! i understand all of the timing and unknowns. i actually didn't really have a for-sure job or house until about 2-3 weeks before i moved out here. God's timing is perfecto! blessings and prayers!