Saturday, January 9, 2010

That's what friends are for...

"Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me" Dionne Warwick made this song popular, but it could be the theme song of Jesus. Corny but true.

This is what we, as Christians, try to live up to every day. We don't always succeed, but we know that there is always a new start tomorrow.

We've taken our psych evaluations, and prohibiting something awful, we will be go to a "LAUNCH" process which will be a schooling/planning of sorts and start our launching process into missions.

Until then, we wait. We will also be getting the farm ready to put on the market. After it sells (hopefully quickly), we will get an apartment in town...closer to everything, while allowing the kiddos to continue in their schools, and allowing us the freedom to travel (no horses/farm/obligations).

While we wait, we continue to grow spiritually and keep being the friends we are supposed to be...smiling, shining, and accountable.

We continue to meet many new foreign friends almost on a weekly basis now. God is just putting them in our path...almost like a gathering. We have also had several people come to us, unsolicited (except by God) to let us know that they want to be contacted when we start raising support...yeah!

Think the end is drawing near? Open your eyes and see for yourself. God is working overtime to open eyes...and satan is working just as hard to blind them.

We love you, and appreciate all of your prayers. Starting this month, I will have specific prayer needs posted below my entries.

Thanks for reading, and we'll update as soon we hear anything new...or the Lord prompts.

Prayer Requests, specific to our family:
+Positive outcome from psych evals
+Protection over our family
+Home placement for horses (specifically Theo, Arab, Larry, and Mr.P)
+Sale of house (to sell quickly and for what we ask, and to horse people that will love our facilities)
+Dealing with the loss of our pets (some to death, some to new homes)
+Kids schooling - Brooke's early graduation
+Pray that we find the perfect team to partner with, and for our neighborhood in Italy (good neighbors, friends for us/the kids)


  1. Remember that God brings all things together for his purpose, for His gory, and in His timing. Praying constantly for you all, this mission, and everything related to it, both foreign and domestic. Remain faithful and He will, too!!

  2. Just to show you how good God works... I sat down this morning to my computer to check emails. I just joined the ACTHA yahoo group and read your email. I also live in KY so I went to your website and read about you and your plans, then ended up here. I will follow your blog. I will support you in prayer and financially. God bless you and your family.