Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We keep on waiting (waiting) on the world to change...

The world IS changing, every single minute, but not for the better.

Did you know that 50,000 people die, every single day, without knowing who Christ is? It's so hard to believe that in today's world of cell phones and satellite TV and internet, but it is true!

In Revelation, it talks about a final battle that will leave blood "up to a horse's bridle" from the dead. That is a LOT of dead. Not one of them will be in Heaven. They could be your brother, or mother, or neighbor. Now, I'm not trying to scare you, what would be the good in that? However, it is a cold hard fact that makes my heart heavy.

In Jesus' triumphal entry, he wept. Why? Because, even in the midst of all the celebration of God's kingdom come to earth, He remembered those who won't make it.

We take time to celebrate the precious few who DO make it every week at church. We will all get to spend our eternity worshiping and celebrating God. All the while, pushing to the back of our minds the sadness of those millions of people who will never get to celebrate with us. They will spend their ETERNITY someplace very different.

If this post makes you mad, or sad, or upset, then it has done it's job- to wake you up.

This is the burden we, as Christians, carry with us. We are not to be complacent in our jobs. We are not to be wrapped up in our kid's athletic programs. We are not to be secluding ourselves in our church. All of these things are good, and pleasant! They are not sinful, in itself.

However, would you continue to watch TV if you knew your neighbor's house was on fire? Would you continue on to that game if you saw a horrific wreck happen right in front of your eyes? Would you continue singing at church if a tornado was ripping through your town?

This past week, on our way home from church, there was a bus broke down on the side of the road. It was a large white bus that read "Church Bus" in big black letters. I pulled over and Tom went back to make sure someone had a phone to call for help. We couldn't offer more than that, as our car was full, and we have no mechanical knowledge to offer to fix the bus. When Tom went back to talk to the driver, we were shocked to learn that the bus had been sitting there for more than 40 minutes and we were the FIRST people to stop and offer help.

How sad for our area that not one single car, on a busy major interstate, stopped to offer help to a church bus!!

Wake up America! What are you waiting for?! It's coming, and may catch you napping. Be vigilant, because the time is near.


We have a 2 week wait before we can offer any new updates on our quest to become foreign missionaries. Until then, we find that we have a ton of mission work right here in the US. Please join us in prayer over the next months as things get sorted out. I'll update as soon as we have any new information. Thanks for reading and keeping our family in your prayers!!


  1. The world will continue in its downward spiral spin until Christ returns...the only thing we can do is try to grab as many as we can to keep them from going down the drain. God is good and God is just in all that He designs.
    I thank God for my salvation and that someone pulled me from the downward spiral.

  2. You know we are pulling for your entire family since you are consistently been a good influence on all of us and the community. I always tried to think now of the folks lost daily as much as the ones born that have the potential to be better than they dream when they are old enough to be accountable. One way is to have a strong family life, a strong prayer life, and a strong focus on values. Look in this old world at the chance you are giving your kids in all you do even in the sacrifices you endure for the sake of values. Values always matter in the long run.