Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Sports Analogy

By: Tom Adams

Even though we all like to think we’re complex beings, I guess I’m a pretty simple guy. Because last night God spoke to me about something I really thought I already understood, but he dumbed it down even more for me!

I love to watch sports. Live or on television it doesn’t matter (well, ok, some are better live!), and although I am very un-athletic, I appreciate the way these team sports work. Anyway, God spoke to me last night about the missions journey my family is on in terms of a simple sports analogy.

Let’s just say that I have played baseball throughout my elementary, Jr. High and High School years. Maybe I even played in college. But I will never be successful in Major League Baseball if I am not called up in the draft. End of story. No matter how much I want it, no matter how skilled I am, if I’m not picked in the draft, I better find something else that makes me happy, because I haven’t been chosen!

Okay, so for the sake of argument, let’s just say that Steinbrenner saw me play, and he wants to give me a shot. If I plan on accepting an offer to play with (Ugh!) the Yankees, I had better have done my homework and made sure that I can play within the system of the coaching staff. If they have a totally different coaching style than I have been under, or if their style of play doesn’t use my athletic strengths, I might want to look for another team who will be happier with my fit, and who will allow me to be happier and contribute in a more beneficial way, or no amount of ability or confidence from Mr. Steinbrenner will make this a good fit.

Now, I have been called up, I fit into the coaching system and style of play, but I have never met any of my teammates, and I really don’t know them personally. Sure I’ve read their stats and seen their baseball cards, but I haven’t had the opportunity to hang out and really get to know them. I had better go to New York (or better yet St. Louis!) and meet the guys I will be playing, and practicing, and traveling, and doing life with.

This is where my family is right now. We are grateful to have been called by God (what an overwhelming sentence to type!). We have strong conviction that we should serve the people of Italy (although we have no idea where in Italy). We have met with (and love!) Team Expansion, and if we are accepted as Recruits, our next step is to take a visit to Italy to meet the teams there and see if we are a fit in the work, the place and to just meet the people personally that we have been “cyber-stalking” for all of these months. I feel I am a part of this work and that I know these workers simply because I have spent so much time reading their “baseball cards” and praying for them and the work, but honestly, we don’t know each other very well. Also, God has placed a love for the Italian people in our hearts, but we have never visited their country or met them personally either! So when the process of support raising begins, we will be asking for your partnership to go and “scout” out the major leagues. I can’t wait to meet the awesome people God is using to do his work there, and to travel to the place I have fallen in love with without ever visiting (weird!?!).

Thank you all for the past and continued prayers. We really feel them, and will need them in the future as we go on the road.

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